Friday, May 4, 2007

Governor Gets Behind High Speed Rail

The Governor of California finally throws some support behind high speed rail. Geez it took him long enough. All we needed was a tanker truck to blow up and a bunch of people to get on BART for the Governor to see how important this is. All I have to say is stay out of this fight Southwest. Those guys kept good city connecting rail out of Texas, so they better not try it here...however i'm sure they will.

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WillySF said...

Is he, or isn't he?

Nonetheless, I have sent our governor a letter expressing my support for HS Rail. I really believe it is crucial to this state's future and economic growth.

Why is the USA a century behind the rest of the world? China already has a Maglev train, and here we are bickering over funding for what is quite frankly, old technology.