Saturday, December 8, 2007

Gore Takes the Subway...When There is a Choice

Last year for the Oscars I was annoyed that they closed the entrance to the Red Line Subway. It was a little ironic due to the fact that Al Gore won the Oscar for An Inconvenient Truth. But when given the chance, Al will make the right move. It's representative of course, of the choices that most Americans don't have...good transit.


Cap'n Transit said...

Where was Gore coming from at the Oscars? If it was the airport, imagine what a statement it would make if he went through the whole rigamarole of getting to the theater from the airport, with the press following him. I bet it would have wound up raising more money for the LA MTA.

Pantograph Trolleypole said...

That would have been...awesome! It would prove how hard it is to get between certain places and how people make their decisions based on time and convenience. As I always said, you shouldn't have to be a hero to take transit, it should be convenient for folks.