Monday, January 8, 2007

More News from the TSR

A fight is brewing in the Minnesota Legislature over Capital Transit Funding. This is the kind of spirit i like to see and it seems as if there is bipartisan support for one of the options that have been thrown on the table. According to today's Minneapolis Star Tribune -
"Included are proposals to increase the state's 20-cents-a-gallon gasoline tax by 10 cents, boost registration fees on new vehicles and authorize counties to impose a half-cent sales tax increase for transportation purposes, plus $20-per-vehicle sales taxes and annual wheelage taxes, in some cases subject to voter approval."
While the governor still opposes this, i think its a fight worth playing out. It will show if legislators in the state are really serious about funding future transit expansion sooner including the southwest corridor, the downtown streetcar and several commuter rail and BRT lines.

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