Monday, February 26, 2007

More Milwaukee and a Sane Commentary

As I've stated before, the crazy folks in Milwaukee and elsewhere (Villains like O'Toole and Cox) believe that transit is for the poor. They think that if the economy was better everyone would be able to drive. Well the editorial staff of the local newspaper isn't buying it and it shows. After printing numerous positive letters to the editor and listening to the opposition, they've had enough.

This'll be a stunning statement here, he said, accurately. "I want to have a system that serves the needs of people who are dependent on mass transit. But ideally, I'd like to build an economy in this county and this city that means that fewer people are dependent on mass transit."In other words, transit is welfare, which government provides for the poor souls who lack cars. Transit's also a zero-sum game, in which the middle class benefits only at the expense of the needy. Transit wasn't always welfare. The middle class and the poor rode the streetcars of yore shoulder to shoulder. In other cities - Minneapolis-St. Paul being a recent example - light rail has proved to be one way to return to those days.

Just fighting the good fight. Props to the Journal Sentinel for figuring it out.

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