Saturday, May 26, 2007

City of Beer and Buses

So Milwaukee Wisconsin is having the same debate that every city has when they are deciding whether to hop on the mass transit horse. The Leader of the County wants buses because they are more effective for "those people" and the Mayor wants a streetcar system, I'm guessing as a foot in the door for light rail. Well they should all just stop and go for the gold. I don't understand why these folks don't just invest in their communities. Light rail is an excellent investment. Look what it has done for Minneapolis. A shot in the arm along Hiawatha Avenue is what they needed and they got it. Now they can't talk enough about the Central Corridor and Southwest Corridor. The only thing that stands in their way is well...shortsighted government leaders. Tim Pawlenty and Scott Walker should just go away. In fact they should move to Cincinnati and live with Stephan Louis. That city is probably last on the list of large cities where people want to live in the United States, specifically when they get out of college. Why? Because there is no thinking and dreaming going on there, only people that say no. I don't know how these people got voted in, but in the next election I hope people throw out the bathtub drowning conservatives and vote for whoever has big dreams and wants to invest in their future.


William said...

It is happening already. The idea that the mayors of both Cincy and Milwaukee can stand up and announce streetcar plans without turning inot pillars of salt means that something important has changed in those mostly clue-free zones. Even Stephan Louis, Mr. Anti-rail Cincinnati himself, now professes to be "not opposed to streetcars." He's a jerk, but a jerk who knows when the wind has shifted. []
So, maybe there is hope for us yet, if we can unelect Snot Walker, that is.

Dave said...

I am a fan of adding more Light Rail to the Twin Cities, but if you have been up here recently you know how badly they botched the Hiawatha Corridor. Unfortunately, rather than elevating the tracks or putting them underground, they go right through/on the local roads. Not only does this cause more traffic congestion than it prevents, but it also turns public opinion against LRT. I hope any additional lines that they add here are done the smart way instead of the way they did Hiawatha.