Monday, May 28, 2007

Southwest & High Speed Rail

We're getting closer to high speed rail here and California and over on Intermodality Christof is discussing it as well for Texas. I'm pretty sure that Southwest will fight tooth and nail but perhaps it would be in their best interest to build and operate the train themselves. Then as they lose airshare they gain rail share. There was an article in the Austin American Statesman about them not having anywhere new to go...well what about all the smaller metro regions that would thrive with HSR like Bryan College Station TX, Waco TX, or Bakersfield CA? I think that's a business model they might want to pursue. Does anyone else think that this would be a viable option when they run out of places to go with planes? I think it would open up a whole new market for them they just don't see with their smarty pants up in corporate that don't think about the freeways as possibly taking some of their business. They should. If they built their own alternative energy generation along the route they would win major brownie points as well.

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