Monday, June 25, 2007

New Muni LRV Facility

Here are some pictures of the new Muni LRV Repair facility off of the Third Street light rail line. This facility is desperately needed given that all of the vehicles, heritage and modern have to go back to the crowded Geneva Yards. It's kind of neat because i get to see all the vehicles go by my house but at the same time there are a lot of cars going down Church street with no one in them.

The coolest thing about going down there a few weekends ago was that I got to see how the track was going in. Since I'd never seen it before I thought it was pretty cool to see all of the industrial sized C clamps and spacers keeping the tracks an even distance apart over a heavy concrete base.







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Anonymous said...

Hey dude, could you put up a map on if there is an event at the Sprint Arena. Your map can show me where there is parking. I heard there is no parking unless you walk 4 to 5 blocks.