Monday, October 1, 2007

Photos From Half Way

Budapest Tram

Here are some photos from my trip to Eastern Europe. I'll describe more when I have time. I've taken about 200 photos so far so i'll get them up eventually.

Budapest Subway Entrance 1

Entrance to the oldest subway in mainland Europe.

Budapest Combino Interior

The interior of the Combino Supra streetcar. Always packed.

Vienna Metro 2

The Vienna Metro. Comes every 5 minutes no matter what time of day. Even on Saturday and Sundays!!!

Vienna Streetcar

A newer Vienna Tram. Very Cool.

Still going to be slow on the posting. I'll try.


Mark said...

That Vienna tram looks like a Kawasaki Heavy Industries model. They're doing some cool stuff in Eastern Europe and the Pac Rim. Thanks for the pics!

tramwayknowledge said...

NO the Vienna Ultra Low Floor cars [ULF for short] were designed by Porche and are built by Bombardier in Austria. They are filled with high-tech gizmos and are VERY expensive. Unfortunately, the ride quality and internal noise is less than impressive and no one except Vienna is buying them. For something 'cool' have a look at the new cars for Marseilles - also by Bombardier

Justin said...

The subways in Toront between 2.5, and 5 minutes all day, every day.