Tuesday, November 6, 2007

07 Rail Election Blog Updates

So far it looks like survival in Charlotte. Still have to wait for full results but it looks good. No word from Seattle as its still too early on the west coast. I'm sorry to say that Blogger will be out at 11pm PST. They just had to choose an election day!?


San Francisco won't have results for a few weeks.
Seattle's Prop 1. Was defeated but no one knows what that means
Charlotte's Transit Tax gets 70% of vote
Box Elder County Voters in Utah say yes to commuter rail
Davis County voted against a transit sales tax while Weber County was too close to call on thiers

Update 11:25 PT: Measure A in San Francisco appears to be ahead in early voting and Measure H is behind. Just what we wanted to hear.

Update 10:55 PT: People in Seattle don't know where to go next, mostly because so many different groups were for or against that a no vote doesn't really say what people were against.

Update 10:40 PT: Transit Supporters in Charlotte are surprised by the overwhelming victory.

Update 10:09 PT: With about 450,000 votes counted, Prop 1 is failing 44% to 56%.

Update 8:37 PT: Doesn't look good so far for Seattle.

Update 7:50 PT: The Transit Tax is declared safe by the Charlotte Observer. The anti-rail faction that drove this election got destroyed and rightfully so. This should be seen as a mandate for a real transit system.

Eric over at Xing Columbus in the comments says that Mayor Coleman of Columbus who is pro-streetcar seems to have won by a landslide.


Update 5:27 PT: It'll only be 10 minutes downtime. Also, the initial results from early voting in Charlotte are here.

Update 6:37 PT: 51% of precincts are in for Charlotte, Transit is winning 71% to 29%.

Update 6:55 PT: Muni Measure A and Parking H are also up tonight. I'll be watching for those although apparently we can't get things done here in San Francisco in one night.

Update 6:57 PT: 62% in Charlotte and its looking pretty good. 71% to 29% for Transit.

Update 7:43 PT: 96% in Charlotte and its still 70% to 30%. It doesn't look good for the road warriors. If they believed that this was a vote for or against rail, they sure are getting hammered.


Ben Schiendelman said...

That is just one precinct so far, but yeah, it looks good. :)

Ben Schiendelman said...

Getting there - 37% of precincts reporting, 72% against repealing transportation taxes.

Pantograph Trolleypole said...

Haha yup. It's looking better at 51%. I should also mention Muni measure A and Parking Measure H.

Eric said...

Looks like Mayor Coleman (pro-transit) is winning Columbus in a landslide. Good news for our proposed streetcar line!

Dave said...

Good for Charlotte. That light-rail line in my opinion was the best thing they had going for them because you could already start to see the tod neighborhoods springing up along the new line.