Thursday, November 1, 2007

Live Blogging from Rail~Volution

Here we are in windy and sometimes rainy sometimes sunny Miami for Rail~Volution. We start our panel in about an hour and a half. We're going to talk about visualizations for new transit projects. Also, there will be a discussion on how visualization is going to now be required for large federal projects. Then we'll talk about blogging. Check out Steve's page (Urban Review St. Louis) who is on the panel with me. He's really good about catching folks parking where they aren't supposed to park and talking about urban issues.

Update: 3:10 ET Effie Stallsmith is up from the Federal Transit Administration and Steve is live blogging over at Urban Review St. Louis linked above.

Update: 3:30 ET Effie discusses transportation departments taking their plans and meetings to myspace.

Steve pointed out a youtube about RSS feeds. A lot of folks know how this works so you don't have to watch it, but I thought it was of interested to folks out there who are tired of going to different sites looking for new content. Why not make it come to you?

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