Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A Real San Francisco Metro

After the Oakland Map, here is the San Francisco version. I came to think that at $250 million a mile for a subway, this project might cost around the same as Denver's massive Fastrax expansion which is scheduled to cost $4.7 billion dollars. With such a massive expansion in mobility, it allows for a massive expansion in ridership. Muni currently carries about 700,000 trips a day but only 146,000 of those on the Muni Metro. But Washington Metro has get's almost 900,000 riders with its Metro system. I imagine such a system with the inclusion of Oakland's metro could push ridership way above that. Now this map was created as a BART connected system which would probably make the most sense. But I imagine some of these lines could be Muni Metro also.



Unknown said...

Seems to me this kind of system ought to include some major upgrades to the existing MUNI Metro lines as well. For example, the N might get a subway as far as 9th and Judah, with a reserved guideway beyond that to Ocean Beach, thus eliminating the delay-inducing mixed traffic sections on Irving, Carl, and Duboce.

On the flipside, I think some of what you show as metro could be surface running light rail in reserved lanes -- Hunter's Point and Candlestick come to mind, since there's a chance to build new wide boulevards there.

Also, this system really needs to serve Mission Bay and SOMA. Major job centers need really good transit connections.

Pantograph Trolleypole said...

Yeah there should be a connection from mission bay. Caltrain is supposed to be extended to the transbay terminal from around there so perhaps they just make the bore a little bigger...

I also thought about the light rail extensions and you're right. Sunset might be another where light rail in dedicated lanes would be good. It would most likely be best as a hybrid going underground to make connections at tricky intersections and light rail on the long surface streets

Greg said...

don't forget....the B Geary line was demolished partially because it was expected that BART would run down geary to the fact in the funding for BART SF is owed that line...but instead BART takes our money and builds stations that do not increase ridership...basically BART plays on people's hatred of SF to keep taking our money and refusing to build what people agreed to.

meanwhile the 38 geary sucks!

Pantograph Trolleypole said...

Greg you live on the N, what do you think about making the N a subway out to 9th like Christof suggested. Sounds like a great idea to me.