Friday, December 28, 2007

Streetcars Sell ... Products

I've been noticing that yes, cars still have cache when it comes to selling products through the lens of love, but what about transit? You'll never see a bus on an advertisement for love or pants for that matter but you will see streetcars. Why? I'm sure there are lots of reasons. But as you can see, there are a number of examples including Slacks and Personal ads. The dockers ad and Yahoo! personals ad are both set using San Francisco Streetcars. I even noticed at one point a Hummer commercial set in St. Louis (UPDATE: Commenters have noted that it isn't St. Louis but Edmonton) that had light rail in the background. Talk about subtle, see if you can spot the LRV in the 'Urban Techno' commercial for Hummer below.



Christof said...

Bit of trivia: the Yahoo! spot is filmed on the tracks ( that connect the F-line streetcar tracks at the Ferry Building to the MUNI Metro light rail tracks at Folsom and Embarcadero. That's the only track along the Embarcadero that doesn't have scheduled streetcar service, which makes it a natural for filming. The future E Embarcadero streetcar service will use this connection to run along the entire waterfront.

Anonymous said...

St. Louis never runs 3-car trains. Must be another city.

Anonymous said...

It's not St Louis for one thing STL doesent have diagonal street designations ie "6th st SW" also as mentioned above metrolink doesent run 3 car trains as most stations can only fit 2 cars sadly

I did some checking and the lrv in the commercial comes to us from edmonton, canada

but all the same St Louis is one of the most beautiful cities you ever been to and the people couldn't be nicer

Oh did I mention the food yummy

gee I miss St Louis