Saturday, February 16, 2008

Texas DMR Sets World Record

Holy cow! My guys, 3 of whom I used to help coach at Texas, set a World and American record in the Distance Medley Relay tonight in Fayetteville Arkansas. Man I'm proud of these guys. Way to go Kyle, Leo, and Jacob. You all are my heroes.


Eric said...

So could these guys beat Muni, then?

Sorry, just had to put a transit spin on this post. :)

Pantograph Trolleypole said...

haha well yes. Considering the race as run equals about 15 mph :) Of course they didn't have to drop off passengers.

DSK said...

We used to "beat" the B and C branches of the Green Line routinely while training on the roads in Boston. Although the C line was pretty competitive. (more transit spin)

I watched part of the meet last night on TV (all edited up by ESPN), but didn't see that event. Good for UT!