Monday, March 24, 2008

AC on Density #2

I mentioned AC's post on Density earlier. In his most recent post, he calculates the weighted densities for 34 regions. I'm wondering how San Jose had such a high density. Perhaps for the same reason that Los Angeles' density is relatively high, due to natural boundaries hemming in exurban growth. Atlanta on the other hand is flat as a pancake and is the worst sprawl offender.


AC said...

I thought that was a little strange, too. It has a relatively uniform population distribution (1.5 ratio), which means that the population isn't concentrated in a dense core, but is spread out in fairly dense subdivisions.

M1EK said...

San Jose is the epitome of high-density suburban - like suburban Virginia is becoming. Few tall buildings but the average lot size is very small; and a lot of apartments.