Monday, April 7, 2008

Congestion Pricing Dies on the Vine

I have to say that even though I wanted this plan because it would have proven the benefits of transit over cars, there is a very small piece of me that is glad that Mary Peters got the shaft. This money came off the backs small bus agencies around the country and that should not be tolerated. People that depend on transit the most were paying for these pilot projects. Not that the idea didn't have merit, but if you're going to play with money, why not take it out of the ginormous highway fund instead of the bus fund.

Eric says it best, New York just approved a citywide parking lot.


Brian Goldner said...

without congestion pricing NYC residents will continue to suffer through a subway system that is filled past capacity during rush hour, and a bus system that is crippled by traffic!
without NYC doing it soon, it'll be even harder for any other city in the US to implement the same plan: the lone hopeful? San Francisco...but really NYC should have been the leader on this one :(

Pantograph Trolleypole said...

Agreed. It was a bad start for real reform, everyone liked this plan. It will be back soon.