Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Do Things Like This Hurt or Help?

Ugh...while we've been working hard to get the word out on transit and I wrote in an earlier post that electric rail as we know was actually created after the auto as we know it, we still get folks like Jon Stewart who should be a great help doing stuff like this. I know he's trying to be funny, but does this really help the cause? Perhaps you can tell me if I'm being too persnickety. The section is 47 seconds in.

Hat tip to reader Joe C.


David Pinero said...

The irony is that rail transit probably IS the future. The joke was probably more potent on the point of him riding an old-style rail car in the framework of an old-style campaign stunt.

Alex said...

The thing is, it was a funny joke.

I've heard Stewart talk about how fans of the show will love how they rip on X,Y, and Z, but then flip on them when they make fun of their pet cause.

I'll let him slide on this one.

Dave said...

I caught that the other night as well and immediately thought of some posts on here talking about how rail is about the same age as the car.

Cap'n Transit said...

Sorry, let me make that as a link:

Jon Stewart's vision of the Future?

Pantograph Trolleypole said...

I admit I laughed and it was funny, as only Mr. Stewart can do. But it was just the way he worded it. I think David P and Alex are right. Probably shouldn't take it too harshly.