Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cargo Trams 2

Back in April of 07 we covered Cargo Trams, specifically the City Cargo operation in Amsterdam. Well there's an article on how it all works in Material Handling Magazine. It's a fascinating read about how the city uses streetcars to take deliveries into the city during the day and distribute it using small electric delivery vehicles. This allows for more deliveries during the day since Amsterdam is closed to delivery trucks during the day.

"The ultimate goal is Green sustainability, reduction of pollution and truck traffic," says Bonkenburg. "We wanted an approach that was efficient and effective for moving goods into the system for an indefinite period without having a negative impact on the environment. By reducing traffic congestion, you immediately reduce pollution, noise levels and have less damage to roads."

Using trams to carry goods into the city also provides awider window for deliveries, according to Bonkenburg. Amsterdam restricts truck traffic during certain hours, but with a tram and e-car combination, the system allows smaller deliveries throughout the day.

You can find a video here that shows how it works.

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