Thursday, June 19, 2008

Desire for City Living Increasing

I'm going to grudgingly quote from an AP article right now, but its a really good one.
On Wednesday, a survey of 900 Coldwell Banker agents showed a remarkable 96 percent said that rising gas prices were a concern to their clients, and 78 percent said higher fuel costs are increasing their desire for city living.

"When we decided that we were going to make a move we basically put a dot in the middle of the map where my office is and said, `We are not going to live farther than essentially a 20-minute circle around that,'" Bulkeley said.
Worth the read. H/T Eliza H.

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JIM YIPP said...

Makes sense to me. Just about every major city in Europe has a very effiecient "metro" sytem. You can get anywhere in Moscow in just afew minutes.It's dumb to even own a car.Only one in five do. I wish I could find away to free myself from the tyranny of gas prices, finding parking, insurance,repairs,vandalism rediculous Calif. registration fees.And on and on! I'm sure I'd do just fine without one of the gas guzzling ass pains that I 've been tied to for alife time. I wes probably even concieved in a car. Maybe thats why my parents nick named me Chevy"
And then the next thing to go will be the goddammed cell phone of mine that interupts every conversation at least once, if yours doesnt do it first!