Friday, June 27, 2008

Epic Fail

I think LOLstuff is pretty funny. This one probably wasn't funny when it happened but its quite transit oriented and a bit humorous now. There's a similar picture of a railroad fail where the train fell out of the second story of a station. Ah I think I found it.

But the photo below kind of got me thinking on how diesel buses are the work horse of transit yet they are still susceptible to all the price hikes and gas issues that hit cars. I wish they weren't, but they don't all have alternatives to diesel yet. Perhaps more trolley buses would help save agencies money. Just a thought.

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iMike said...

The city of Phoenix is implementing a light rail system into its city. It seems like a great idea.

kenf said...

My father-in-law says he has a picture of a locomotive coming off an embankment, sort of like this picture.

And, in 1953, an out of control Washington bound train crashed through Washington, DC's Union Station and fell into the baggage room in the basement. Because this was just before a presidential inauguration the powers that be just covered over the hole in the floor. Some time later the locomotive, a GG-1 (have to get the pantograph connection in) was cut in half and removed. It was repaired, and in service for many more years. I think it's still around in a museum somewhere.