Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hold That Thought...Until November

What would happen if we stopped pitting projects against each other? An article in the Los Angeles Times discusses this and recommends that instead of deciding on one project against the other, they should wait. This seems to be a common theme. The current administration is so bad, cities are so desperate for improvements to transit that they are willing to gamble and wait for the next administration, hoping its a democratic one. The Times says that they should wait for a half cent sales tax to pass in the county, but methinks waiting for a better shake at the FTA wouldn't hurt either.


blogsubmit said...

Nothing gets done if they wait, that just laziness. If there is problem, it must be dealt with.

San Francisco Photos said...

You're absolutely right about the current administration!

M1EK said...

The problem is that it took a number of years for Bush to ruin the FTA; it'll take a number of years for Obama to fix it. Don't expect it to be like flipping a light switch.