Thursday, July 17, 2008

Al Gore, An Electric Hero

I'm going to copy John here, forgive me but this is basically question and answer via youtube:

Money Pundits are shocked when told that oil isn't in a bubble.

Al Gore has the answer... Alternative energy in 10 years.

I've been hoping someone would make this challenge. Less carbon, fresh air, better transit options and WE CAN KEEP OUR MONEY!


fpteditors said...

Business TV is in a tough place, if they are pure propaganda, they can't hold their savvy viewers, so from time to time they spill the beans.
Re: Al Gore... Where on his website is public transportation? And why is "Personal Choices" number two on the solutions list?

Loren said...

Does anyone have any good rebuttals to right-wingers' objections that "Algore" does not exactly practice what he preaches?

Of course, if he installed a lot of wind turbines and solar panels on his property, those same right-wingers would sneer at him as a hippie.