Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Beijing Car Bans Swamp Subway Lines

I can't imagine what would happen to transit systems here if gas were to go to $10 a gallon. In Beijing today, the loop subway line was shut off from entries when it got dangerously full. A reported 1.8 million cars were ordered off the road to cut pollution for the olympics causing people to use the transit alternative.

Listen to a short story from Marketplace on the Olympic Air Cleaning.

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Brian Goldner said...

if beijing officials know what's good for them, they better vamp up the bus system to decrease subway congestion. The subway is more visible than buses, but you can get overflow onto buses that can follow the subway route. Maybe even charge less for the buses as an incentive, and let the buses use olympic (or their own dedicated) lanes to increase their speed.
i have to say tho, the crowd in that pic reminds me of some NYC rush hour subway crowds...but the passsengers look much happier! Probably because they have screen doors and platform climate control...