Saturday, July 12, 2008

China Has Same Issues

I was talking to my friend Julie who lives in China and she seemed a bit worried about the American economy. She's seen a significant downtrend in orders to her business (computer parts tech etc) due to the slowdown. She's also been driving less because of gas prices. Apparently they are having similar problems which points to a coming economic dive. But its not just anecdotal, its in the news:

A computer engineer in Beijing, who goes by the surname Zhu, is one of them. He said he recently gave up driving and switched to taking the subway to escape from the fuel price increases. He estimated he would have to pay about 200 yuan more at the pump if he continued to drive.

He has also found it's very convenient for him to commute between home and work through the north-south subway Line 5.

It's getting bad out there. And by out there I mean around the world. There are options...

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Justin said...

And there will still be people out there, who say "free trade is great!"