Wednesday, July 2, 2008

DC Photo Dump

I just couldn't wait to share my favorite pictures from the trip. I even got a movie of the Metro.

1. Pop Quiz: Fancy Restaurant or Airplane food?


Airplane food! So my original flight to DC was full by one too many people and they were looking for folks who might not mind a bump. I wasn't in a hurry and they noticed I was by myself so the desk agent asked if I wouldn't mind taking the red eye. Before I said anything he said, "I'll put you in first class and give you a voucher for another trip" I said sure!

Lucky I did too because my friend Teresa who I was staying with got stuck in Chicago that night and didn't make it home. So it was a win all around, especially when dinner came on the flight. I highly recommend Virgin America. Even without first class, there are power plugs in every seat and its already wired for internet when they work out the details. But that power plug is huge, especially since my battery is fairly drained from constant usage.

Anyway, who knew they used silverware anymore, and the ravioli was excellent.

2. Did Spain win Euro 2008? That's what the people at the Dupont Circle Fountain were celebrating:

Dupont Celebration Spain Wins!

Dupont Celebration Spain Wins!

3. The war memorials are very hard to visit. It's really sad and people sitting in front of the names of their loved ones at the Vietnam Memorial sobbing doesn't help matters either. It's a must see. I got a shot of the Washington Monument reflected in the Granite of the Vietnam Memorial.


4. I got in about 5:45 Am from the flight and just decided that I might as well walk the Mall. It was a very interesting morning. Got this shot of the clouds blocking the sun with a silhouette of the Washington Monument.


5. It was also touching to see the young ones getting into history. Here a dad and his two kids have a seat to read the Gettysburg Address at the Lincoln Memorial.



6. And a transit blogger's trip is not complete without photos of the Metro. I of course hopefully did one better by getting this short movie of a train arriving.


Kenny Ellaway said...

First off, fantastic blog!

Second, what the hell did they feed you on the plane? It looks like ravioli gone wrong! What would Chef Boyardee say...?

Steven said...

A Spanish officemate of mine was at/in the fountain at Dupont Circle, but I don't see him in your pictures. Small world.

Captain Mary said...

Your photos are fantastic, thanks for sharing.

sometimesi'msad said...

great photos
tres jealous