Monday, July 7, 2008

Fantasy Map Fever!

Why do I love fantasy transit network maps? Because unlike bus and automobile, it inspires people to think big and imagine. I think we could use some imagination these days. I've always believed it was good for you.


This map was created in 2005 and sent by reader J. I thought it was a really cool way to show an eventual network that benefits the whole city.

Sound Transit Maps via Orphan Road.

The Most Recent stuff from Transbay Blog.

Cincinnati maps you can buy on a shirt!

Brian G. adds Atlanta.

Anyone have any others?


Brian Goldner said...

here's the fantasy map for ATL:

Anonymous said...

We've had a recent rush of maps in Washington. Here are a couple of them:

And here's Washington Metro's own 2030 vision map, as drawn at their request by a blogger:
And fleshed out in detail by another blogger:

Eric said...

Great post! It's always fun to look at these, even not knowing much about the systems being expanded. There does some to be fantasy map fever in the air. Having just done a SMART one, it may be time to head south next. :)

Anonymous said...

How about this one from Vienna, Austria? Remember this from last year?

Texas Oski

Ryan said...

This list can not be complete without two of the most extensive fantasy efforts around.

Get LA Moving
This guy's been pitching these ideas to city council.

TriBoro RX
I'm a transit planner myself, and this guy's proposal is just as elaborate as anything we produce, and you can download the whole thing in Google Earth.

-N said...

Here is my favorite map of the transit world:

Anonymous said...

and here's Boston:

Morgan Wick said...

I'm not sure much if anything has been done on GetLAMoving for a while.

It might be hard to find one single overview map, but interesting to read nonetheless:

I don't think I agree with everything he says and some have accused him of a Westside (LA) bias, but I have been fairly persuasively swayed by some of his arguments for and against what LA is actually planning.

Card-Carrying Brickhugger said...

Fantabulous! I collect copies of these maps on my blog (and eventually I'll have a website devoted to them), and these are great!