Saturday, August 23, 2008

Obama Biden 08 - Amtrak Ticket

I'd like to add to the comment on MyDD on economics and Joe Biden, who is now the VP pick for Obama.
While he embodies a lot of things about Washington -- he's been there for a long time, of course -- he has commuted to and from his home in Deleware ever since being elected rather than maintaining primary residence inside the Beltway like so many others on Capitol Hill. Even the city he was born in -- Scranton, Pennsylvania -- kind of embodies this connection to working Americans.
He not only commuted, he commuted with the people, on Amtrak.
"As an almost daily commuter on Amtrak, I've seen first-hand the need to prioritize the increased security and efficiency of our railroads.
This is a good pick for increased transit. I'm not sure what they'll do, but I imagine Mary Peters is not on the long list of possible DOT Secretaries.


Robert said...

I've spent the past 8 years seeing nothing done in the country. Nothing. I honestly cannot think of anything in this country that has changed since 2000.

In transit what have we gotten since 2000? A measily couple of light rail lines in mid-sized cities?

Hopefully a democratic administration will get real on getting the country moving. I will say, though -- it's unlikely that any political leader can do anything to stimulate transit -- regardless of his mandate in November -- unless people decide to make it a priority.

How can we get people to reconsider driving to work?

Matthew said...

Wow that would quite a sight, the Senator of your own state commuting to DC with you...

The US really needs to get behind a comprehensive mass transit plan for the future, so we don't have to worry about "Drill here, drill now!"

Cap'n Transit said...

I'm happy that Biden, and in fact all the Delaware congressional delegation, commute regularly on Amtrak. I'm also happy that Delaware has SEPTA commuter rail.

What I don't understand is why, with a relatively powerful congressional delegation, they don't have good transit everywhere in the state. It's a tiny state. How much would it cost to have every resident of the state living within a mile of a rapid transit line?

Aaron said...

Earl! Earl! Earl!

arcady said...

Robert: nothing? Really? What about the Gold Line in LA, and the eastside extension which got approved and mostly built? What about the Expo Line, also now finally getting built. What about Houston, Minneapolis, Charlotte? Or the Mission Valley East extension in San Diego and the Sprinter from Oceanside to Escondido? What about the Caltrain express tracks and Baby Bullet service? Or the expansion of the Capitol Corridor from 9 round trips to 16? Or the brand new commuter rail lines in places like Salt Lake City and Albuquerque? The Bush Administration has, admittedly, been not so good for transit, but it's not the end of the world. And Obama is not some transit messiah.

Jen said...

Not only did Biden commute back and forth everyday on Amtrak, but one of his sons is on the board of directors.
Effective public transit is a major component of what makes cities "world-class". Thankfully we have two people who would seem to understand that, both at the regional and city scale.

Anonymous said...