Tuesday, August 12, 2008

One Tank or Bust

Jeff at Urban Infill did the Cota Challenge. Now these types of things are becomming commonplace. Danni Brancaccio has started a blog and even been interviewed by Fox News about her One Tank or Bust summer. I think its great that people are starting to get into the transit oriented lifestyle. There is one thing though I think transit planners and others should remember though. You shouldn't have to be a hero to take transit. It should be convenient and user friendly.

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Chris said...

I've been riding transit more or less exclusively for ten years. As a result of the cost savings I am able to own my own home as an intern working 3/4 time.

I find it strange that I keep seeing these posts (on various blogs) from people who are venturing out of their cars and into the "wondrous world of transit."

In my mind transit is as close to the real world that you can get. You see society for what it is - young, old, rich, poor, the racial diversity, etc. I agree transit should be better all around, with traffic signal priority, real time information, better right of way and vehicles and a number of other measures, but you're right. People shouldn't have to be heroes to make the lifestyle switch - and in actuality, making a mode switch for a number of trips is what society should expect of people.