Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Black Background and White Text

I know that the white text is a bit hard for some to read and have thought about how to fix it without changing the look of the site. For those of you who like to read lots of blogs and want black text on white background, you can subscribe to the blog in your reader. Also, i put a link to my feed at the top right so people can read recent posts from the feed in black and white.

I'll think of other ways to help folks out in this way. I'm sympathetic. But I also like the black and red.


Adam said...

There's no doubt about the coolness of black and red, but yeah, the white text is tough to read. Thanks for giving a choice.

Keep up the excellent transit postings. It's always a great read and good to be kept informed. I've been looking for a good replacement since the Sick Transit Chicago blogger disappeared, and am glad to have found one here.

-Adam from Chicago

AC said...

I like the white text/black background.

Duncan Watson said...

I am a recent reader. But I happily read it and all of my blogs in google's reader. I pop over when I wish to comment.

I like the site and the look today as well.

Richard Layman said...

I wonder if this is an age thing. I am "old" (48) and have bad vision. So for me, it's a great way to read. I think your site is great the way it is.

Bob Davis said...

I prefer white background/black text, but this site is fairly easy to read (at least on our newer computer). I have a musician friend whose MySpace page can be a bit of a challenge to read, and don't get me started on music CD insert notes printed in poorly chosen colors using print smaller than an insurance policy.
That said, as an electric railway fan for many years, I'm glad I found this website. My "home road" is the Pacific Electric, which I rode as a boy and which I help preserve at Orange Empire Ry. Museum.

Ryan A. said...

I like white text with the black background, it is very easy on my eyes and and easier for me to read. If I look at the regular white background black text for too long of time I start to get headaches.