Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Toronto's Rapid Transit Plan

Steve Munro as usual has the plan. Again, as I said before, they are spending more money on transit in this one city than we do through the federal new starts program. Priorities?


Thelonious_Nick said...

Yeah, but who's paying for it? I don't know how Canada normally funds its mass transit, but it looks like something called "MoveOntario" is funding this. Sounds like the province of Ontario.

Why can't US states follow suit? Nothing is stopping US states from funding transit if they don't feel like waiting for the feds. NYC is doing exactly that with its Westside subway expansion in Manhattan, and NJ funded its River Line a few years ago with entirely local funds.

Justin said...

The Province of Ontario will be funding some of this plan.
Metrolinx is hoping that the Feds will help. Considering that the current PM is a neo-con hack who loves Bush, it's not likely the plan will get funding.
We are only expecting a partial build of the plan, but the initial funded portion will be significant.

Cavan said...

The new subway line in New York will be partially funded by the Federal Government. Even many state roads are partially funded by the Federal Government.

Matt Fisher said...

Yeah. The "fed'rul gub'mint", as rednecks would say.

Thelonious_Nick said...

"The new subway line in New York will be partially funded by the Federal Government."

I'm sorry, this just isn't so. At any rate, not the Westside extension to which I'm referring.

Justin said...

Stephen Rees write a good piece on the plan.