Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Green Facade Falls Hard

We knew he was faking after all of those cuts to transit funding, but give me a freakin break. The Governor plans to circumvent the new California Sprawl law to build highways. This is not green. This is not any color close to green. It's the new black death.

Now, according to sources in the state legislature, the Schwarzenegger administration is proposing to waive all greenhouse gas and pollution restrictions for large transportation and flood projects as part of the "economic stimulus" package proposed for the legislature's special session, convened last week.

Under the administration's proposal, any transportation project funded "in whole or in part" with bond funds would be exempt from comprehensive environmental reviews. That would include most new roads and freeway expansions, which will facilitate millions of new car and truck trips, adding tens of thousands of tons of planet-warming carbon dioxide and other pollutants to the atmosphere.


Brandon in San Diego said...

Egad! I cannot imagine that proposal developing any legs.

It would also incentivize local jursidictions to spread what little of those funds around to spread the benefit of no comprehensive environmental review. Would $1000 toward a highway lane widening project do the trick? <-- rhetorical.

Anonymous said...

At a time like this he wants to waste more more on new roads?

How about fixing the stuff they already have?