Thursday, December 11, 2008

Epic Sidewalk Fail

We don't put telephone poles in the middle of the street, so why the sidewalk?


Anonymous said...

It used to be that there were no sidewalks in any new housing developments. After the 1950's, sidewalks were considered a "luxury" and not needed since everyone would be "driving".
Now, sidewalks are required in all new Ontario Canada new housing developments. The problem is with the old developments that don't have sidewalks, but now the cities have to go back and put them in.
Most likely that sidewalk in the picture was newly put in, but the post was an "X" on the contractor's blueprint.

Anonymous said...

Well the government treats railways like crap too!

njh said...

Yes, the US sucks big time when it comes to putting things on the sidewalk (I daren't call the pathetic 2' curbside concrete strips 'footpaths').

We think it's wonderfully quaint (as in small and uncomfortable), coming from a place with 3' foot paths, with nature strips and no poles.