Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bus is a Bus

Sorry, putting a cattle guard on a bus doesn't make it a streetcar.


Anonymous said...

I hate those faux-trolley buses. The message they send is that regular transit isn't a legitimate mode of travel, but is instead a cutesy Disney-like ride to be enjoyed but not taken seriously.

Justin said...

Oh god. Those "trolley buses" are the worst things ever. I have ridden a few, and the ride is simply awful. I agree with Beyonddc, these "buses" send a message that transit should not taken seriously.
Cleveland RTA has some of these buses, that run in downtown.

Josh said...

I like how the "middle ground" is being against both of the proposals.

Also, a point of clarification, this is a trolley bus:


and this is what I assume we're talking about:


Pantograph Trolleypole said...

For some reason bus builders call this a trolley:


When your picture Josh of Muni vehicles is one of actual trolley buses. They attach to trolley wire!

jon said...

I was truely amazed at the fight in Newport, RI over replacing their "trolleys" with "pseudo-trolleys". There was even a campaign launched called "Save the Trolleys".

Considering the opposition, I was thinking it was about replacing an actual electric streetcar on tracks, but then I heard the fight was over saving rubber tired CNG powered faux-trolley buses from being replaced with a literal bus painted like a trolley.

In fairness though, this is the replacement they had in mind "pseudo trolleys". wow.

Providence Journal: Newport balks at trolley replica

Anonymous said...

Those dressed buses are a joke!

Anonymous said...

So Newport is complaining that they don't want a bus that is made to look like, but isn't actually, a bus that is shaped like, but isn't actually, a streetcar, and instead they want the bus that is shaped like (but isn't actually) a streetcar? Kinda confusing.
Oh yes, and RIPTA runs the same trolley-shaped buses in Providence, where one of the routes actually goes through a former trolley (and later electric trolleybus) tunnel.

Justin said...

I actually like the Gillig Trolleys. They are good for tourist routes.

Randy Simes said...

Luckily these nonsense alternatives to the real thing (streetcars) is making the proposal look more legit to the original opponents who thought it was more nostalgic in nature than anything else. Thanks for proposing these silly trolley buses, grease powered rubber tire trolleys, and whatever else you want to throw out there. A bus is a bus.

Bob Davis said...

Not only are the fake "trolleys" a sham (one fellow called them "ersatz strassenwagens"), they don't seem to last very long. One city here in southern Calif. was using fake trolleys for local transit service, but has replaced them with small bus-looking buses. I saw one of the fakes that even had a gong, only instead of a real streetcar gong it looked like something salvaged from a boxing arena. Last year my wife and I went to a special event where an assortment of fake trolleys was employed as parking lot shuttles. I don't think any two were the same, reflecting the "cottage industry" aspect of these vehicles. At least one had cloth-roller type destination signs, like a real streetcar from the past.

Matt Fisher said...

What a joke! Ha ha!