Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Inertia Continued

A serious (R) blogger at the Oregonian believes that automobiles are tied to our DNA.
Now, I'm not trying to dismiss Maus' opinion (he's a good guy and certainly knows his stuff when it comes to bike issues), but we still live in an auto-centric society. Car ownership is part of America's DNA. In most places across the country, bicycling as a primary mode of transportation is indeed, I hate to say it, considered a fringe movement.
I think we need some gene therapy. Of course when people write these types of things, it's just continuing the self fulfilling prophecy. Of course people will continue to be auto-centric if they aren't given an alternative. It's just like those people that say, no one takes transit, so why build it so they can?

And it looks like we have our new Ma "Bike's Aren't Transport" Peters in Minority Leader John Boehner. He stated that he saw bike paths as not stimulus. Some will say he means recreational trails, but we know these guys think any bike infrastructure is just for recreation. These guys are just out of touch.
Youth Vote? Gone. We ask for nothing from these idealistic voters, we offer little except chastisement of their lifestyle choices and denial of global warming, and we are woefully behind the Democrats in learning how to connect with them.
Lifestyle choices such as biking, transit and urbanism. Keep chipping away John.


Morgan Wick said...

Eh... biking as a primary mode of transportation IS fringe enough that using it as stimulus is pretty iffy - it would take a while for it to do anything. In better economic times, maybe...

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, soon biking will be the only option - transit is bankrupt and nobody will be able to afford a car.

Matt Fisher said...

Boehner is Tom DeLay's successor! DeLay is corruptly connected to disgraced ex-lobbyist Jack Abramoff!