Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Let Them Eat Cake

...and drive on dedicated bus transitways. Yet another reason why the pavement without rails means cars. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but someday.
The Ottawa Sun added that at today's council meeting, councillors "also voted in favour of directing staff to review opening the bus Transitway to vehicular traffic."
Who's next?


Justin said...

For Clarification: OC Transpo employees have been on strike for nearly a month now, and from what I understand, the traffic is nuts right now. Close to 400,000 people use the system everyday, and much of that ridership is during the peak.
Being a former daily user of Ottawa's system, I can guarantee you, that the Transitway will NOT be opened to drivers. It's simply not designed for cars. Too many sharp curves, and there are portions that run counter to normal road traffic. City council is simply trying to look like they are doing something.

Matt Fisher said...

I hope this strike is over. So, bus boosters have been saying that our Transitway is the "world's best" and is supposedly better than or equal to rail. Otherwise, they think the "world's best" is either Curitiba or Bogotá.

And yes, I have been seeing cars go in the bus lanes on Woodroffe Avenue before Christmas. I'd like to be able to drive (as a last resort), but I don't have a license as of this time.

Another case of why BRT is a (possible) ruse for more automobile capacity. Hardly "just like rail, but cheaper".

jon said...

i understand the el monte busway in LA was opened to carpools years ago and slowed down the operation