Saturday, January 17, 2009


Case in Point, David Spurling.

"Sperling is the co-author (with Deborah Gordon) of Two Billion Cars: Driving Toward Sustainability, a book that considers the environmental impact of so many automobiles and suggests ways that politicians, car companies and the general public can curb car-ownership and reduce climate change."

While most of the talk is on technology, he discuss the roles of transit, land use, and bicycling and car-share. "Mass transit won't solve our energy and transportation problems," states Sperling. The average bus passenger contributes as much greenhouse gases as a car driver because the buses aren't full, he explains.

Wonder which O'Toole he got that data from?


Alon Levy said...

2 billion is fairly optimistic. It's not much higher than if the entire world had New York City's car ownership rate. If you think that's bad, think what will happen if car ownership converges to Texas levels instead.

fpteditors said...

There are worldwide about 55 million net new cars on the road every year.