Friday, January 9, 2009

Walk & Train

Ryan says:
It's easier to support a carbon tax if you have a grocery store within walking distance and can take the train to work.
Absolutely. I would likely be skeptical if I were living in Austin still and knew that I had to drive to get most places. Now that BART and the Grocery store are a half mile in each direction, I don't worry about it anymore. I fill up my car maybe once every month and a half, sometimes even longer. Think about if everyone was able to move from once a week to once every two months. More money for local business, more money for alternative energy and more money for housing near transit. Winners all around.

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Dave Reid said...

As someone who lives across the street from the grocery store and has worked either from home or within walking distance of my apartment let me tell it is great only seeing my car on a monthly basis.