Saturday, March 7, 2009

Have You Heard of the N Judah Heist?

This was the story back in 1955. Can you imagine a bunch of high school kids hoping on an N and going for a ride, picking up passengers and evading the Muni Managers today?

H/T SF Muni History List


kenf said...

This story just made my weekend.

Bob Davis said...

So that's why Muni went to PCC cars on the "N"!
And to be completely accurate, cable cars are technically a type of streetcars; the cars on Market St. are electric streetcars, sometimes called trolleys (although in England a "trolley" is an electric bus powered by overhead wires, which we Yanks call a trolley bus, trolley coach or trackless trolley). And let's not get started on "light rail" and "heavy rail".

Matt Fisher said...

And in England, a "trolley" also refers to a small cart, and can be a shopping cart. I, as a Canadian originally happy to be from Newfoundland, have been known to hear the word "trolley" used to refer to such a cart. This use of "trolley" for a trolleybus is also used in France in French.

(in a Southern accent) "Gol-ly, Sergeant Carter!" "PYLE!"

Matt Fisher said...

Okay, I just wanted to put this Gomer Pyle thing in as a joke. I just felt like putting it in. :)