Monday, April 6, 2009

Bruxelles Finishes Subway Segment

Our friends over at spagblog have an update on the completion of the last part of the circle line in Brussels.
Passengers travelled for free on the 4th of April on the Brussels Metro, on the occasion of opening the last segment of the circle line, connecting Delacroix and Gare de l’Ouest stations. The whole metro network has been reorganized as well: The 2 line leaves and arrives in at Simonis, where every second train continues to Roi Bauduin as line 6; and the remaining 3 branches of the former 1A/B line are served by lines 1 and 5.

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Matt Fisher said...

I noticed the spelling error in the title, though. This is close to what Brussels is called in French, Bruxelles. It's also Brussel in Dutch; Brussels is, like Belgium, bilingual.

The metro looks quite interesting. One of the other highlights is a "Premetro" which is a tram subway like that of light rail. Parts of existing Metro lines were earlier Premetro tram tunnels, and two Premetro tunnels were with similar designs, but haven't happened yet.

Trams in Brussels look quite interesting! They've been using PCCs since 1951.