Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Charlotte Leaders Want Money for More Roads

Ughh. Don't they have enough roads already? It's really upsetting to see that knowing what they saw happen along the south corridor, they are still looking to build more roads. What about sidewalks? What about bike lanes? What about real expanded transit. Charlotte itself knows what happens when you invest more in service. You get more riders! But never give a single family developer (who is the chair of this group) an inch, or a few miles of highway, cause they'll take it. From the Transport Politic:
The argument goes something like this: Charlotte approved a 1/2¢ sales tax for transit back in 1998, and the business community helped work successfully against a repeal vote in 2007. Now, though, whatever the needs of the transit system, roads need to be better funded, because the region’s highways are not keeping up with demand. The development community - focused mostly on building single-family houses and office parks entirely designed for the auto-dependent - is adamant in its push for more roads.


Jay Heikes said...

"The Council of 21" is not really representitive of the leadership or the public in Charlotte. Rather it si group of mostly developers with stakes in suburban projects, so of course they want more roads. unfortunately they seem to be able to convice everyone that they are right.

There are a fre articles form today's Observer about the tax increases and the NCdot. It also seems that Mecklenberg County alone will have a 12B dollar shortfall in road funds over the next ten years. Heck, with that much we could have light rail on all of the arterial roads in Charlotte and still have some left over (of course assuming it costs 100M/ mile). CI am afraid that Charlotte is just going to shoot itself in the foot on this one.

Matt Fisher said...

This is a f**king disgrace. Is this 21 they're talking about developers?