Thursday, April 23, 2009


Why must they cost so much!!!??!!! Surely this is just the result of the engineers throwing in the cost of reconstructing Tryon, the sensitive nature of some wetlands near the University, and some crazy aerial structure that doesn't really need to be built. Also when was this estimate performed? Not when stimulus projects were coming in 30% under budget right?

No one will ever build light rail if it continues to cost this much. It's ridiculous that people aren't asking harder questions to the engineers, such as do we really need that overpass there? Can we single track it here with room for double if needed later? Can we hop on another agencies train order? etc etc etc. Cut out the gold plating!

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Bob Davis said...

The pioneer modern light rail line in the U.S., the San Diego Trolley, succeeded because it was built on a bare-bones budget. Sen. James Mills, who was the "political godfather" of the line favored (and still favors) no-frills construction: getting lines built and running at the lowest practical cost, not creating monuments for civic egos or big paydays for consultants and suppliers. Nowadays we have "public art" requirements, LRV's with sophisticated computers that always seem to have one more bug, construction standards more appropriate for a main-line railroad with 250-ton locomotives, etc.
Of course it was a lot easier a hundred years ago when Henry Huntington and his companies were building trolley lines without bureaucrats looking over their shoulders.