Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mid Week Linkfest

This sure would have been a lot easier if we had some money for a Dunbarton rail bridge no?
Growing up instead of sprawling out in Melbourne.

The report says just 10 per cent of the existing urban area could be used to accommodate projected growth in Melbourne's population from about 4 million to 5 million by 2030. About 34,000 sites on major corridors could be suitable for multi-level development, it says. These include more than 12,400 sites along tram lines and 22,000 along priority bus routes such as Johnston Street. The sites could accommodate about 500,000 new dwellings in total.

There's also two big elevated freeways on that side of town.
If you had doubts that air pollution from nearby industries exacerbated asthma in children, this map may quell them.
I've been harsh on LaHood. Maybe I should give him some slack since he's a runner! Just like me a long time ago.
I think they need both Smart and Streetcars. Though I still think that ignoring downtown Novato is a dumb move.
I guess Blago wasn't the only one who likes to block transit in Chicago.


Anonymous said...

Regarding the Novarto article:

Boston and Sacramento have streetcars? I assume the author is referring to the light rail lines. Doesn't he kind of discredit himself when he doesn't even know what the trains are called?

Stan said...

Hope you ran fast, looks like you had a red eyed demon behind you.

Dave said...

Anonymous: The Ashmont-Mattapan segment of the MBTA Red Line is a surface-grade streetcar line that runs PCC streetcars. Though some (prolly Europeans) would consider the Green Line a tram or streetcar.

Here's more info:

(it's still called "high speed" b/c apparently it was way back in the day!)

arcady said...

Ashmont-Mattapan isn't a streetcar! It doesn't run on the street!

Pantograph Trolleypole said...

I'm sure they were thinking light rail and not streetcars. My point was that I don't think they're right calling for one mode over the other because they do different things.

The Mattapan line does use PCC cars but not in street. It just got overhauled recently.