Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pre Easter Linkfest

Here's a few links from the wide world of transit:

In Denver, the Daily Camera posed a question about the possible Fastrax expansion tax hike to fill the funding gap for all the lines. There were a few interesting nuggets in some ranting. Most of all though, they aren't really seeing the one possible solution to this mess, shifting money from roads to transit. Here's one from an anti growth guy who doesn't quite get that growth happens whether you like it or not, but he makes an interesting point about paying for your impact.
The fundamental reason we need more transit and more roads is growth. And the fundamental reason that taxes keep going up and service levels keep going down is the failure of the majority of the Legislature to impose impact fees on new development to pay for growth-related infrastructure. Why don't they impose such fees? It's simple - these fees cut into the profits of developers and land speculators, and they are big contributors. In this pro-development political environment, transit doesn't solve problems; it just encourages more development but in different places.
The commenters also leave much to be desired. This is one reason why we need to stand up to the likes of O'Toole, because his crap gets distributed through article comments like this.
Could inadequate transit cost Tampa?
California State cuts to transit are killing local agencies. It makes them look for more funding and look like the bad guys in all of this. Adequate blame should be announced in some way or another.
No more stepping into the street for a streetcar in Toronto.
Trains jammed for Arizona Diamondback games. Also, it seems to me that because sports fans are going to be perpetually confused about transit TVMs, why not just allow tickets to be POP.
Metro estimated that 5,000 to 6,000 fans used the trains for their trip to and from Chase Field on Monday. The process repeated itself, but in smaller numbers, Tuesday and Wednesday.
A two station solution for the transbay terminal CAHSR issue?
More cuts, Boston.
Hippocrite, thy name is Tim Pawlenty. Remember when he vetoed funding for expanding Twin Cities transit? Now it's all cool when Joe Biden sez.


Robert said...

From the San Diego article: "Her organization wants SANDAG – the region's long-range planning agency – to pursue more creative and cost-effective ways to lure people out of their cars, saying projects such as the bus rapid-transit system emerging on Interstate 15 are likely to prove ineffective."

True story. The 15 freeway through San Diego runs through wilderness, with job centers and homes a drive away from it. People will have to travel to the line by car or connecting bus, since there's no way to hike it to the I-15 BRT.

To make up for this, the service will have to run fast enough to make it worth the trip. But since it will be with rubber tires, the maximum speed will be no more than 60-65mph. Commuter rail is too expensive for this ultra-low density exurban route.

A better option would be to toll the I-15. People will either move close enough to their jobs so that inexpensive transit options will get them to work on time or at least fund more of the impact of their choice to live way out in the SOCAL desert.

Anonymous said...

step one Muni, AC SamTrans, VTA etc should put bug advertising posters on their buses proclaiming that higher fares area gift from..and NAME the state legislators who voted for abolishing the state transit finding.