Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday Linkfest

H Street Streetcar tracks going in ???
It looks like some electrification will make the difference between Zurich and Munich. About an hours difference. That's a lot of time.
Some twists to the NAACP vs the Streetcar story in Cincinnati.
Certainly the repeal folks in Charlotte would have given up by now. They got shellacked 70% to 30% in the last repeal try but gosh why not come back for more pain. Anyone want to explain why these folks get a voice at all after such a drubbing? Especially when the highway overruns were far worse than the LRT line that is performing beyond expectations.

But I did find out why it will cost so much:

The Lynx extension's 50 percent cost escalation from the 2006 estimate is largely because it's become more complicated. The original plan called for 10 bridges to separate the train line from roads. The plan now calls for 16 grade separations, including burying 36th Street under rail lines in NoDa. Despite the higher costs, the success of the Lynx Blue Line (between uptown and south Charlotte, along South Boulevard) still makes the project viable, CATS said.

In other words, the improved ridership from the South Corridor allowed the line to enjoy a "rail bias" in the ridership model that was demonstrated by the first line. Also, 16 grade separations is really going to bust any budget, though I still don't think $100 million per mile is low enough.
Sign of the times: Edinburgh won't move forward with a tram spur due to the economy.


Randy Simes said...

Things are moving forward here in Cincy with our proposed streetcar system. The politics are reheating up and both sides are mobilizing their support for the final push. Anyone who might be interested in helping with the final push to make modern streetcars in Cincinnati reality can email me.

Matt Fisher said...

The project for electrification between Z├╝rich and Munich is necessary.