Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Finally a Candidate That Gets It

I wish more gubernatorial candidates in any state would understand how important cities are to their state's economy. You would think that the powerhouses would get more play but unfortunately they are more often than not neglected. At least Mayor Rybek seems to get it.
“Regional economies drive states, Georgia and Minnesota included,” Rybak said, according to the Atlanta Business Chronicle. “Our governor clearly does not get the value of the cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul, which is ironic because they pay a disproportionate amount of the budget that he’s trying to balance.”
Another interesting piece is the willingness of the region to give back for civic goods:

It was Minneapolis’ business and philanthropic sector that started the idea of the “5 percent club.” Companies and individuals pledge to give 5 percent of their pretax earnings to charity and to philanthropic causes. As a result, the cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul have an extraordinarily strong arts and cultural community with first-class facilities.

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