Wednesday, May 20, 2009

SF Quote of the Day

Quotes like these are something that makes me think we need a revolution at the MTA. People at the city are such wimps when it comes to making a city that is inherently transit oriented actually transit oriented.
"We're seeing capitulation from the MTA," he added. "It doesn't matter if you have 1,000 or 10,000 advocates and a city charter that requires a transit first policy, if one grumpy merchant gives you the skunk eye, the whole thing gets set aside."
Anyone else feel like tossing in the towel? When do we get leaders in this town that put moving people instead of cars first?


Pedestrianist said...

I feel you, and I think we need to more vocally call out the emperor's lack of clothes.

The MTA board wants to give weight to merchant's concerns that they need cars driving past to run their businesses, let's make them prove it!

The fact is, they can't. Studies show pedestrians and bicyclists make the most contribution to local businesses, and that merchant revenue goes up when more people and fewer cars pass in front.

The business owners along 24th street know this and lobbied to get the next Sunday Streets down their street, not away from it.

The MTA directors need to be held to the record and to the facts. This isn't he-said-she-said, reality exists independent of people's opinion.

Cap'n Transit said...

Maybe we don't want to hire Nat Ford here in New York after all...