Monday, June 8, 2009

Links & CNU Coming

The Reconnecting America site will have updates from the CNU this week on its twitter aggregator for the CNU17 hashtag. If you use twitter, I'll be tweeting from @reconnecting.
Jarrett at Human Transit asks if Sim City rotted our brains. I've been playing since the early 90s and I'm pretty sure that if I didn't go to planning school I would have no idea that zones didn't need to be separated.
Poor drivers, they just get no respect. No one loves them anymore. The Heritage Foundation is trying so hard its sad to see them twist the statistics without giving a full picture.
A group files a civil rights suit on the Central Corridor. How much should be spent on gentrification mitigation on rail lines? Is there a limit?


D Morse said...

What, in particular, is wrong with that Heritage study? We all know that transit is much more heavily subsidized than automobile use. They may come up with slightly different numbers than "Do motor-vehicle users in the US pay their way?" by Mark A. Delucchi ... they manage to get a hair over their intended finish line of "user pays full cost" ... but aside from quibbling about a few percent here or there, what's wrong with the study?

Anonymous said...

That stuff from Cox was funny, take a look at this video of him & his scuzzy logic.

Anonymous said...

D Morse, the highway system/network starts the moment you leave your drive way.

The street in front of your home is not operated on a profit or loss basis, even if there were no automobiles you would still need to have the street in front of your home.

Cox, O'Toole only pretend to be capitalists, but really they are closet uber socialists.