Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Radical Transformation?

I didn't find this so radical. It's not like this isn't done elsewhere. Perhaps it was just a way to spin the story so folks would read it but I think it's a great look at what job centers that are on the suburban fringe need to start thinking about. They need to become real communities instead of just a place for your computer and brief case.
Some 120,000 people work in Tysons, but only 17,000 live here. "Every morning, 110,000 cars arrive, and they all leave at 5,"
There are plenty of other places just like this in need of a retrofit around the country. It would be nice if they were getting 4 metro stops as well. If the businesses in these types of places see the future and ask for change, it is much easier to retrofit them and build more density than neighborhoods who have vested interests to stay as they are. In any case, check out the article. It's a good one.


Morgan Wick said...

I think you're mixing up two definitions of "radical". It's not "radical" as in "fringe" it's "radical" in that someone who looked at Tysons in 1995 and then again in 2015 wouldn't recognize it as the same place.

njh said...

I thought tysons corner was an example of the wonderousness that is offramp culture combined with the power of the free market? Why would anyone want to change it?