Monday, July 6, 2009

Crushload to Death

Check out the video of crush loaded Indian Railways at the City Fix. It's no wonder more people die on Indian Rails than anywhere else in the world.
Yearly more than 3,500 people die on the Mumbai suburban railway track due to unsafe riding on trains or trespassing on railway tracks.
Central and Western Railway was forced to release under the Right to Information Act that at least 20,706 people have died in the last five years; an average of 10 each day. The request was filed by Mumbai activist Chetan Kothari.
Obviously we wouldn't tolerate that here, unless it was in cars.

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Bob Davis said...

And there are some folks in LA who think the Metro Blue Line is hazardous, and are trying to get more of the Expo Line placed underground. Almost a hundred years ago a long-vanished Los Angeles newspaper branded the Pacific Electric "The Red Reaper" because "so many" unwary Anglenos were being struck be PE cars. To quote an old safety slogan: "Be alert, beats getting hurt."