Sunday, July 5, 2009

Inaugural Trams

So the Super Furry Animals have come up with this catchy ditty. Here's part of the song:
Inaugural Trams. It’s the first day of the integrated transport hub. Let us celebrate this monumental progress. We have reduced emissions by 75%. It’s a magical day and it will be even better tomorrow. Let us make the best of a difficult situation.

Nice! We need more songs!

Via Treehugger


Bob Davis said...

Just as a wild guess--are we referring to Adelaide, S. Australia?
Also, for a song suggestion, how about "Another One Rides the Bus" by "Weird Al" Yankovic, or "MTA" by the Kingston Trio? "MTA" would be a good themesong for the "Free Public Transit" group.

Matt Fisher said...

I have "MTA" on my iPod. And I like "Weird Al". When I heard about this title, I must have thought of political inaugurations.