Friday, July 31, 2009

Joe Metro

Favorite Lyrics:

Northbound, now we start to pick up more college kids
They try to study on the ride
To make up for the fact that they probably kicked it hard last night
And I ponder if it's time to save up and get a car
And pay for the gas that we're takin' from the war
I'd miss all the colorful faces, the places, and spaces I've embraced with

H/T Reader AMBrown


Anonymous said...

Touching video.

AJ said...

Ah, the famous Route 48, also known as the Fourty-Late.

That's in my neighborhood. Well, until tomorrow. Then I move downtown where my "local bus" is Link.

Robert Cruickshank said...

Sort of like a 21st century "Posse on Broadway" but with a Metro bus instead of the black benz limo with the cellular phone.

And yeah, the 48 was my bus too for many years in Seattle. Never understood why it was one single route from Golden Gardens all the way to Rainier Beach. Between the traffic in the Central District and the traffic on 15th Ave NE right next to UW, it's a wonder it ever ran on time at all.

L. Smith said...

They're cutting off the 48 at the new Mt. Baker Link station effective Sept. 19.